This is probably the most difficult post I have had to write but I committed to full disclosure and I am sticking to my word. My new weight this week is 282.4 lb. with a total loss of 112.4 lb. which means I actually had a 1.5 lb. gain.

The rational side of my brain understands that I should not just look at the numbers on the scale but also consider how things fit and how I feel. It is just difficult to be a rational when I see the number going up instead of down. I know this is expected on occasion due to increasing the weights I am lifting during my workout. I have also not increased my cardio as regularly as I should have and I am having trouble with constipation; both of these can effect the numbers.

I have spent the biggest part of the day beating myself up, analyzing where I went wrong and making a plan to change it. It is just what I do. I must have a plan of action. So, I have increased my fiber with Fiber Advance Gummies, I am making an honest effort to meet my cardio goals, I will be starting the aquatic boot camp next week.

Picture day is coming up quickly, this Saturday marks 7 months since surgery. I will be posting updated pictures Saturday evening so stay tuned.